June 2013

263: Knock Knock Knocking on Past Ghost’s Door

This is Victoria recapping a show I wasn’t on. This is what the “bros” discussed:

-we’re old
-we like bacon…suprised? seriously? you made it this far…
-memories!!!! but not remembering well.. we’re old
-confidence is your friend
-who is the oldest friend… Like a dick measuring contest but with fantasy baseball instead of whipping it out.
-Where? The Warehouse. If you are old and American, you get it.
-Starter, Members Only, Pro-wings, Kangaroos… they are talking clothes people.
-surprise boners

262: Feast, Ale and Music

Butch joins us this week and we discuss everything from Game of Thrones to beer to music, music and more music. There’s more nostalgia than you can shake a ring pop at and we bring back “Ask A Black Dude” just for the fun of it.