April 2013

Celebration of Rhian

On March 22, 2013 at Casa de Uncast, we held a Celebratory event in honor of our dear friend and host, Rhian. The start and finish of the audio file has been edited to fit the Uncast format and showcase the Whore News intro she created for Uncast and was so proud of. Otherwise the original audio is untouched. Please join us and listen as we remember this wonderful woman and share in all the love and light she brought to our lives. She brought a lot to the show but she brought so much more to our lives. We will never be the same.

258: Baron von Geeks

After Victoria gets us started with a jaunty tune, we ask what title (Lord, Baron, Princess, Captain, Doctor, etc) you would most want to go by? This moves us to the beer of the week which is a magical high ABV beer by The Lost Abbey. We discuss the zombie apocalypse, because that topic hasn’t been overdone to death. Victoria talks about her upcoming trip to Italy and Daniel talks about Unniversary weekend and the beautiful Celebration of Rhian’s life. We close up with the results of Daniel’s Game of Thrones/MLB Tournament of Champions. Just over an hour. Enjoy!

Universary 6- Mummy Goes Clop Clop

The infamous Universary episode!! As always it may be a bit of a mess to hear and grasp it all but hopefully enough comes through.
We talk about a myriad of things and I probably overshare a bit too much. Things we talked about:
Best use of a stump
music for the zombie apocalypse
FMK: zombie, mummy, vampire
Our first sexual twinges.
My Little Pony or Vagina

And many other tings. It is offensive, funny. So you know uncast.