253: If she had balls, they would be spotless. 

Two guests on this episode of Uncast! We bring in the lovely Carolyn and the ever efferfescent Butch to talk about many awesome things.  There really isn’t that many show notes listed and like a good Vivi, I forgot what we talked about. I may have been intoxicated on this episode. We did apparently mention: Hendrick love and Vivi is a bad america. Yeah I am just as lost as you.

So that means you should listen and unravel these mysteries and let me know if I was good or bad or a witch.

Our beautiful sparkly co-host, Rhian passed away this past Sunday. This episode was recorded before then but due to technical difficulties she wasn’t able to make this show. She will be missed so much by Daniel and I and the plethora of people she touched.

The Friday of Universary weekend, we will be holding a celebration for Rhian so email us if you would like to attend.

IF you would like to donate to her family for the costs of her memorial, use the donate button on our website.