November 2012

251: Argyle Bank and McClaren

This episode was reorded in July 2011 and was originally intended to be a backstage recording. Join Rachel, Stephon and all three Uncast Hosts for 55 minutes of argyle, cars, Rhi reads the internet and random silliness. After the backstage show, I’ve plugged in a 12-minute recording I made last year of myself having some fun with Ottawa public Safety radio feed. Enjoy!


250b: Drunk Cosbys

We continue this two-part episode by finishing the Awesome Lists and move on to Victoria’s shining moment: Drunken Cosbys. Victoria dressed as Thor for Halloween and Butch is agog. Daniel discusses his recent weight loss and starting a best burger tour of San Diego. How shall we add this into the show? We close out the actual show with “Ask a Black” with Butch.

Check out all the latest with Butch:

250a: Porn Church

We kinda lost the best episode in the world. Damn external hard drive. This is just a tribute. A two part tribute. We start off with two beers of the week and in the midst of this, we find the one topic that is taboo for Uncast. We also discuss a business idea Victoria has. Hint, it involves religion and food. We then move on to the main event of the evening. THREE Awesome Lists! Enjoy Part One. Part Two will be out in a couple days. Promise.