247: Football Fever

This week we’re missing Rhian as she deals with health scare. We start right off calling Victoria rude names that leave her thoroughly confused. She retaliates by speaking against animal abuse pictures on Facebook. We ain’t got time fo’ dat!

We DO have time for beer! That’s right, Daniel’s been doing so well on his diet that he’s going to ruin it with beer. He’d regret this later. We start off the Uncast Fantasy Football League and prepare for the NFL season. Yes, we know there’s already been a game played for Week 2 by the time we put this out.

We go through our week with the annual family barbecue for Daniel and a day out with his mom. We add on some new pain medication for Rhian which, it turns out, may have caused her recent hospital stay. We didn’t know that at the time. We waste a bunch of time trying to figure out the best movie trilogy of all time and Victoria of course has a shocking suggestion. We end it with some awesome places to have sex and send you home empty handed in an hour and 12.5 minutes.