September 2012

248: All It Took Is One Drop

We’re missing Rhian this week and it takes two guests and a very drunk Daniel to make up for it. We’re hoping she will be home soon so she can join us on the show again soon. We start the show off with Daniel, already drunk and belligerent, making Victoria the first scapegoat of the show. This backfires quickly and all hell breaks loose, like an ape-seal Snooki. That’s how we START the show.

From there we jump right into the show title topic and folks, it ain’t gettin any classier. We give our review of Cards Against Humanity. Victoria gives us the Beer of the Week this week, which was the New Belgium/Lost Abbey Lips of Faith version of the Brett Beer. Somehow this leads us down a dark road of aggressive Italians, stinky Belgians and risque hotel sex. We discuss the awesomeness that is Cookie Butter and then on to handicapped haunted house movie. This transitions into talk of Daniel being old-fashioned for demanding that his sexual partners knowingly consent to his advances. I did warn you earlier this was going downhill, right? OK then. We move on.

Yeah so Daniel hits a new level of drunk from here and the show just devolves. Victoria, Butch and Andrea try to take back control and are almost successful at times. There’s still an admission of watching gruesome porn and Daniel not just hitting the wall but obliterating it. Victoria goes on to discuss her obsession with zombie survival scenarios and brings in the shotgun option. This leads to talk about a kill van she saw on the way home and her new circus. Butch tries to talk about stuff going on in his awesome life and it devolves into auto-erotic self-mastication.

247: Football Fever

This week we’re missing Rhian as she deals with health scare. We start right off calling Victoria rude names that leave her thoroughly confused. She retaliates by speaking against animal abuse pictures on Facebook. We ain’t got time fo’ dat!

We DO have time for beer! That’s right, Daniel’s been doing so well on his diet that he’s going to ruin it with beer. He’d regret this later. We start off the Uncast Fantasy Football League and prepare for the NFL season. Yes, we know there’s already been a game played for Week 2 by the time we put this out.

We go through our week with the annual family barbecue for Daniel and a day out with his mom. We add on some new pain medication for Rhian which, it turns out, may have caused her recent hospital stay. We didn’t know that at the time. We waste a bunch of time trying to figure out the best movie trilogy of all time and Victoria of course has a shocking suggestion. We end it with some awesome places to have sex and send you home empty handed in an hour and 12.5 minutes.