245: Nerd Bang FAIL

The Summer Olympics in London start! We’re all excited and drinking two beers each and all sorts of celebrations. OH and also because RHIAN IS BACK!! We talk not about Comic-Con itself which was awesome without us, but Craigs List ads for Casual Nerdcounters. Somehow this comes with a question about what you call anal sex.

Daniel’s got a bit of a problem with Hill People calling themselves country living. Victoria, article geek that she’s become, brings us number two with Bizarre Crimes in Walmart Parking Lots. Daniel adds more lameness with stupid juvenile vulgar things that “Chick-Fil-A” could be short for. It’s dumb. Just forget it. Victoria brings us Ten Amazing Penises and Daniel makes up for his shit with Things I Learned From Podcasts.

Third list of the night includes the Ten Roles Almost Played By Bill Murray and Vivi makes up for it with an awesome idea for stick figure items to replace kids for those married couples without kids and all the shit they get to enjoy because of it. Rhian ends the episode with possibly one of the most epic Whore News segments ever. One Hour, Eleven Minutes, 35 seconds.