June 2012

243: The Four My Little Ponies of The Apocalypse

This week we miss Rhian for many reasons. She’s left the Casa and she had to miss recording this episode with us as she’s dealing with some pretty serious stuff at the moment. We hope to have her back on the show as soon as possible. In the meantime, you get us, mwahahaha! We start right off as you’d expect, at the beginning. No seriously, we talk about the apocalypse. Do zombies have to be involved? You decide. Beer of the week is taken Wookey style. We drank of it and tasted that it was pretty hoppily awesome!

We discuss our recent Ottawa trip, returning Rhian to her home country and enjoying the city’s wonders. Victoria gives us an Awesome List and then it gets ugly. Jason Statham ugly. Victoria reviews “The Italian Job” and talks a bit about a couple other movies or something. I get into the Euro 2012 soccer tournament and yes I’m bitter about the outcome. Whatever. There’s a bit of hipster hate and we clear up the myth that I think Arcade Fire and Nickelback are in any way comparible. We end the show with a new game that (as usual) Vivi loves and I do not.

242: Cake Is Ass

We start right off with the topic that gave us our title. We enjoy our first beer of the week and the Butch gives us a few words he’d love to bring back into regular conversation. Victoria is obsessed with the idea of eating cake off someone’s ass or eating cake with someone while all are naked. Daniel isn’t sure he follows the logic really so this will have to involve someone else.

There’s a bit of EuroVision discussion, tasty brews, tutus and Victoria’s take on her recent marathon listening of “Trapped In The Closet” by Usher. Victoria reviews “Witness For The Prosecution” and Sigur Ros. Butch contributes an article on San Diego’s thriving craft beer scene. We get to hear a bit of what Butch has been up to and end the show fairly quickly for a Butch episode. Just about 95 minutes.