April 2012

241: I Put A Whistle On My Vagina

Rhian apologizes for her voice and Victoria apologizes for nothing in this episode. We discuss a juice cleanse found in Oprah’s magazine and diarhettic comas. We talk about Rhian’s recent stay in the hospital, transfusion number two and Rhian 3.0 is born. For the story on that, visit her blog at Rhiloaded.com.

Victoria lays down some ultimatums and “it’s either this or this but it has to be one of the two or both” type shit on Daniel. Yet again she demands a phallus to poke a donut. The God provides when the mortals prove they’re deserving of those things they seek. Rhian invents a transformer that’s both eyeglasses and a vibrator. Finally we drop into the beer of the week. Another Californian invention worth drinking. This time Drake’s Drakonic Imperial Stout.

We then go into Hunger Games talk and Victoria decides the tribute character she’d be if she was in the story. She also brings us the 13 worst things to do with your vagina. I have to question her decision making skills this episode. Game of Thrones comes up again and Vivi reveals her need to have a torrid affair with Tyrion Lannister. Now I’m SURE she has poor decision making skills this episode.

Rhian and Daniel talk about local San Diego food and one specific block of places in particular that we need to try. There’s a brief discussion of 50 Shades of Grey before Rhian saves the show with Whore News. This week: the recent trend of briefly replacing the news with porn.

240: Nailed to the Cross

Happy Easter everyone! Two weeks late. Heh. Yeah we’ll get to the reasons for that in the next show unless you all follow us all on Twitter and Facebook and you know already. As for this show, Vivi introduces us to a new threesome sex position. A very specific strange fetish kinda position. There’s a very different beer of the week this week and it’s a strange one indeed. We review that along with the new movie The Hunger Games and the TV Series Game of Thrones which recently started it’s second season.

Victoria wins a new boxed game while Rhian and Daniel win a couple of awards of their own! Ooh la la! Daniel brings some sports news (though obviously not news at this point, silly) and we discuss some real life hybrid animals. Rhian comes hard with some awesome Whore News…as always and this ends the show just under the hour mark which is where we like it.

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239: Pass Me The Baby

This week is a little blend of everything and something. This may also be our last two-hour show as we’re going to start making a more concerted effort to dramatically shorten the shows except for party episodes and to split them up when they do go over. That said, there’s beer, a trip to the armpit of SoCal for a missed rocket launch, Draw Something, a couple movie reviews, taste testing, lots of sports, midgets and whores. Come and get it!