237: Take A Drink Every Time Vivi Says “Like”

Vivi starts right off by offending Buddhists everywhere. Vivi hypes up Universary V by rehashing the topics that led up to Uncast: Episode 1. Way better than its Star Wars counterpart. We enjoy another bourbon barrel-aged beer and in not related news, share our love for Lightning Brewery and owner/head brewer Jim Crute. We discuss the last episode,  Victoria’s absence from the later half and people who really should know how to work a mic NOT knowing how to work a mic. Promises of Cheesecake Dip abound.

We discuss threesomes with brooms and dustbins, a child swallows 37 Buckyballs and snowblower accidents. This somehow leads to Victoria’s love of Jason Statham. Victoria presents us with an Awesome List and Daniel adds things he learned from podcasts. We finish up with some great Whore News IN SPACE!

Want to join us for Universary V?! Leave a comment at uncast.net or Facebook.com/uncast, call us at 619-940-4SEX or email uncast.net@gmail.com to let us know! Party March 17, 2012 at Casa de Uncast starts at noon with a Three-Brewery tour and then a party at 7pm.