March 2012

238: Universary V

It’s our 5th birthday! Guitar Rob, Kate, Becky, Spence, Pengui, Junkenstein and Amy join us for this awesome party episode. Drink every time Becky names a new band. Starting the show with a live version of “Wall Street” by Trainwreck in Sarasota, we reward him with a one-of-a-kind limited edition Uncast t-shirt and tote bag. The girls discuss ways they’ve used the names that’ve lost. The room then spends the next five minutes talking about my penis before moving on to some of the shit we’ve done this weekend. Pt Loma’s Cabrillo National Monument was fun, Slater’s 50/50 kicked ass and our trio of breweries Saturday afternoon made a cold rainy day very bright indeed. Thank you El Cajon Brewing Co., Manzanita Brewing Co. and Lightning Brewery.

We jump right into our first of three beers of the week, the Stone/Bear Republic/Fat Head’s collaboration known only as TBA. The beer review was side-tracked by imaginary dick conversation. We got to it eventually but almost immediately got derailed by toe reviews. Guests were asked to give some of their favorite moments of Uncast and we get some interesting answers. After a very quick break, we get into our second beer review of the week. Our buddy Tony, who couldn’t be here because he was winning an award for this beer, brewed an awesome Creme Brulee Stout which got a reaction on Uncast that no other beer ever has! Pearly Gates Stout wins on Uncast.

Victoria brings us the worst Awesome List ever but Rhian makes up for it with an awesome Whore News. We of course  have to end the first half of the show there and we pick it back up 24 hrs later discussing just how much of a fun mess the party was. We try another beer by Tony. This time a raspberry porter or stout that again went over really well with everybody. Once again we have converted another non-beer drinker into a beer drinker. Becky was first and now we have Kate. Kate and Rob discuss their hotel time here and their new friends Consuela and Amir.
Daniel reviews the top five beers that we reviewed on Uncast this year. We end the show with accents and finish it all up with plugs for all the guests that were in attendance this year. Thank you so much for five years. Best fans ever. Love you all!

237: Take A Drink Every Time Vivi Says “Like”

Vivi starts right off by offending Buddhists everywhere. Vivi hypes up Universary V by rehashing the topics that led up to Uncast: Episode 1. Way better than its Star Wars counterpart. We enjoy another bourbon barrel-aged beer and in not related news, share our love for Lightning Brewery and owner/head brewer Jim Crute. We discuss the last episode,  Victoria’s absence from the later half and people who really should know how to work a mic NOT knowing how to work a mic. Promises of Cheesecake Dip abound.

We discuss threesomes with brooms and dustbins, a child swallows 37 Buckyballs and snowblower accidents. This somehow leads to Victoria’s love of Jason Statham. Victoria presents us with an Awesome List and Daniel adds things he learned from podcasts. We finish up with some great Whore News IN SPACE!

Want to join us for Universary V?! Leave a comment at or, call us at 619-940-4SEX or email to let us know! Party March 17, 2012 at Casa de Uncast starts at noon with a Three-Brewery tour and then a party at 7pm.