January 2012

Rhian is back in the Casa!! We talk about her travel day, beer and create a new drink at one of our favorite local pubs. They then choose NOT to name it after us. Fuck that. We have a few Awesome Lists and Rhian solves the Mayan Calendar/Apocalypse issue. We enjoy Second Christmas and discuss our gifts, including a jar of peanut butter. Rhian brings two pieces of awesome Whore News and we end by revealing the name of Daniel’s penis! Enjoy!

233: Pouring Fun Down My Throat
Starting right off with a wrong number call into the Uncast line, sledding on pizza boxes, beer of the week and a drink we invented (The Uncast Float) for our favorite local pub! Daniel starts the year end lists by naming the top beers that we drank on the show during 2011.

We all talk about our Christmas weekends. From a long trip to Hemet, to getting high on Christmas Eve, time with family and the best of friends, this was a really memorable Holiday Season. Victoria forces us to choose resolutions for 2012 from a list. We may have been less than comfortable with this. We evaluate the year in Uncast and have a few lists for you. Do you agree? Was there anything we left out?

Rachel gives us her top 10 “yays” of 2011 and Victoria has an Awesome List of Awesome Lists. Daniel and Rhian give us the World’s Greatest Headline and Rhian ends the show with a couple of pieces of whore news including a man who paints with his cock and a new sci-fi themed brothel opening in Nevada. This all ends in an hour, 32 minutes, 12 seconds.