232: G-Spot Magician

Rhizzy Vizzy Deezy Beautiful Cover Girl! Grab both of your fists and put good stuff in your mouth while we put good stuff in your ear. The fallen angels are horny and it’s Christmas time. We discuss the need for donations, both for getting Rhian to the Mayo Clinic and to produce an Uncast porn video (or pictures if your donation is cheap). This also leads to doing a 50’s style PSA video on “How To Host An Orgy”.

Victoria finds an article with Gift Guides for sex toy enthusiasts. Victoria brings us her Christmas Awesome List and Rhian has a story about a dear baby seal who just wanted a nap on the couch. We also learn about the sungrazer comet that wouldn’t die. Rhian brings us Whore News including a banning of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

NAME DANIEL’S PENIS! You have until January 7th but don’t wait.