We missed doing 227 the right way! Aww remeniscing is fun. Rhian likes to do things like the first time. We get into beer of the week and we lose Victoria’s attention. That’s right, she surfs the web and plays games during the show. Rhian agrees to come out to San Diego to help out around the Casa.

Victoria introduces the randomness of her mind and starts by stating the obvious: people need a license to make microwave popcorn in an unventilated area. Rhian and Daniel of course reminds us of the food fails that everyone already won’t let us live down. Victoria also shares her need for bourbon barrels so she can age everything in bourbon barrels. Daniel brings up Coca-Cola. Victoria then rants a bit about annoying tweets. We could go on about this for hours but we only spend a few minutes on it before moving on to Vivi’s two current crushes from Parks & Rec. She ends the segment by reminding us that we should not compare our relationships to those in Twilight. She’s QUITE excited about seeing Breaking Dawn: Part 1, btw.

Rhian and Victoria plan concert plans and this leads into a fan biting Britney Spears during her lap dance routine. Rhian brings up a Bitchin’ Kitchen article about the 5 Girly Drinks Guys Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Drink. Rhian has to ask America what the fuck is wrong with us declaring pizza a vegetable. Rhian brings us some whore news where we learn about Niagra and fingerprinting strippers. We end the show by choosing the finalists for the “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. The Poll will be up shortly and you will have at least a month to get your votes in! That was not meant as a euphemism but there ya go. We get this all in 69:54.