225: Fuck This Old House

We start right off discussing music. Vivi moves us right into making fun of the way her mom talks and this somehow links in with her current obsession with “Vampire Diaries”. Rhian brings up “Secret Circle” and we realize it’s something we’ve kind of all seen before in various forms. We bring up the beers of the week, including entries from the new DaH Brew! We field a few questions from the audience about beer and our opinions. We kinda love that sort of thing! We enjoy lunch at an awesome new pub in the San Marcos Restaurant Row called Sublime Ale House. The food is awesome, the beer selection is mostly local and amazing.

This leads us to discuss the 10 Foods That Should Exist. Rhian discusses discovering the Mayo Clinic and how a few phone calls might just save her life and get her back on her feet. We’re currently running a fundraiser to help her pay for this miracle. PLEASE JOIN THE RHI ARMY and help keep this glimmer of hope alive! Rhian brings us an article about MC Hammer Starting His Own Search Engine. So, no matter what you look up, U Can’t Touch This. Yeah, we just did that. You can’t get that back.

Victoria discusses the crazy predictable anomaly that is “American Horror Story” and comes up with a new band name in the middle of it all. We know that lots of high schools steal mascots and logos from universities and professional teams but we learn about one school that’s been given the full Cease and Desist. Armageddon is coming up here in about a year and we talk about some signs of it’s impending arrival. Rhi wraps this up with some Whore News and we get the show done within an hour and twelve minutes.