November 2011

228: A Bowl Of Dick Hats

Daniel and Victoria return from a Wedding weekend away in Sacramento, celebrating the union of our dear friends and listeners, Rachel & Victor. We start the show with Victoria wanting to create a French Beck cover band and wanting to be the modern day real life Cinderella. We have two beers of the week and we discuss some of the awesome foods that would work with them. This leads to a chocolate tasting, including a peanut butter and jelly bar that starts a sandwich discussion and somehow leads into the wedding weekend.

Rhian rants about the Duggars and their travels which leads to our own rants about people who have more kids than they can either afford or care for.  Victoria brings us an article about how beastiality leads to penis cancer and other STDs! Listener Junkenstein introduces us to Dick Hats and we segue that nicely into Victoria’s latest Awesome List! We top off the episode with Rhian’s Whore News as parents speak against an ex-porn star reading to their children.

227: Waist Up Until I Tell You To Stand Up

We come at you from all sides this week. Victoria has issues with lyrics, The DaHonays bring us “Marinade” and we rate it, we talk a bit of history and politics and then comes the sad news of a couple recent deaths. RIP Heavy D & Joe Frazier. We discuss transporting Rhian’s cat from Ottawa to San Diego.

RHIAN IS GOING TO THE MAYO CLINIC!!! You’ve all heard her interview on episode 206 and this trip could be her last chance at real treatment that could make a real positive difference. We have set up a fundraiser to help cover the costs for her so PLEASE DONATE or share if you can’t donate: and send a little love to Rhian by helping to pay for treatment that could really improve her quality of life.

Daniel brings a few articles championing San Diego’s “Craft Cocktail” scene. We’ve already beaten the rest of the world at craft beer, now watch us kick ass with hard liquors. Rhian brings to our attention the continued existence of telephone chat lines. Victoria has a new Game Show idea called “Snatch For Catch”. Surprisingly we transition that into the Duggar family and our rant on this bullshit. When is enough, enough? We also ask at what age or point is it inappropriate to have sex with your child in the room? This awkwardsly leads into Whore News where we learn that coal miners (NOT Minors) need love too. We wrap things up in 1 hr, 6 min, 53 sec.

226: You Can’t Squirt With An Audience

Due to an mp3 upload error on Daniel’s part, 226 is temporarily unavailable. This should be fixed by  11/8/2011, 7pm Pacific Time. Sorry folks!

We start right off on this Halloween episode with awesome spiced beer and a new bukkake superhero. We have to explain to our live audience what bukkake is. Victoria also has lots of questions for our audience. This of course blends into fisting and why guys are weirded out by super kinky sex acts. This leads to squirting and Daniel has questions for those female listeners who have. Victoria brings up Thai ladyboys and this naturally segues into a story about a Shapeshifting Hooker. We get another entry in the “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. If it’s turned purple, let go of it, man!We are really touched and honored to share some critical acclaim from someone close to the show. Bias much? You bet! We’ll still take it cause it’s real! Go check out Junkenstein’s blog and his new podcast, “Junk’s Trunk” which is ‘like a musical essay’ and really great. Victoria shares an article about a man who firebombed a Taco Bell due to a meat shortage in his Chalupa. We learn that China is now Cracking Down On Overly Entertaining TV. Victoria shares her ultimate shameber song. Click it, damn you! We end the show with Whore News about a topless woman that leads cops on a 200 km/hr chase. Now THAT’S a fast whore. Speaking of fast. We get this out in an hour, four minutes and nine seconds.

225: Fuck This Old House

We start right off discussing music. Vivi moves us right into making fun of the way her mom talks and this somehow links in with her current obsession with “Vampire Diaries”. Rhian brings up “Secret Circle” and we realize it’s something we’ve kind of all seen before in various forms. We bring up the beers of the week, including entries from the new DaH Brew! We field a few questions from the audience about beer and our opinions. We kinda love that sort of thing! We enjoy lunch at an awesome new pub in the San Marcos Restaurant Row called Sublime Ale House. The food is awesome, the beer selection is mostly local and amazing.

This leads us to discuss the 10 Foods That Should Exist. Rhian discusses discovering the Mayo Clinic and how a few phone calls might just save her life and get her back on her feet. We’re currently running a fundraiser to help her pay for this miracle. PLEASE JOIN THE RHI ARMY and help keep this glimmer of hope alive! Rhian brings us an article about MC Hammer Starting His Own Search Engine. So, no matter what you look up, U Can’t Touch This. Yeah, we just did that. You can’t get that back.

Victoria discusses the crazy predictable anomaly that is “American Horror Story” and comes up with a new band name in the middle of it all. We know that lots of high schools steal mascots and logos from universities and professional teams but we learn about one school that’s been given the full Cease and Desist. Armageddon is coming up here in about a year and we talk about some signs of it’s impending arrival. Rhi wraps this up with some Whore News and we get the show done within an hour and twelve minutes.