222: Meatsicle

Our first live show at Vokle.com! we start off with our beer of the week and learn that Rhian is an angel and therefore was immaculately conceptualized. Yeah I used the wrong word on purpose. Victoria is not allowed around sharp instruments anymore after she nearly sheared the side of her finger tip off blindly reaching into the sink.

Daniel introduces a 12-step recovery from Juggalism program, thanks to Adult Swim. Daniel needs to learn games. Rhian says she knows Asshole and is really good at it. We’ll learn what she means by that later. Rhian has a crazy psycho dream and we all learn about her new band, Meatsicle. TLC’s “How Stuff Works” brings us the 10 Things Your Kid Should Not Be For Halloween and Daniel shares things he recently learned from podcasts.

Rhian brings an article about a Kansas man that accidentally stole six EMPTY xxx DVD cases. She also brings us two whore news stories: A couple enjoys sex on their balcony in Australia and on the other, organizers of a Swiss farming calendar got a lot of slack for including girls in bikinis.