Victoria of the bitten boob, Rhian of the dry boob, Daniel says “It ain’t just my dick that heals!” This week we learn Rhian rides vacuums, you don’t bring a broom to a mop fight and don’t be a dick about not liking things. We check out Garfunkel & Oates live, Rhian has an MRI and a terrible fall and we spend a night tracking a falling satellite. There’s Superkid Nails, a couple movie reviews and we learn to use Grover as a verb. Victoria shares her strange obsesions and Daniel has to 9,000 up her. We ask for fan participation in this one. What are your thoughts on what it would be like to have the genitalia you lack? Rhian brings us articles on Guinea Pig Dating Services and Naked Protests in San Francisco. Anyone surprised at that last one? No? Me neither. It’s hecka sexy. So is this episode. All in an hour, 42 minutes, 50 seconds of hawtness.