October 2011

224: Occupy Rhian
Live again from vokle.com. You’ll need to get high before listening to this one. Victoria and Rhian both have a lot on their hands in dealing with Daniel. We learn the origin of the phrase “Laundry List”. Victoria introduces a new business idea and we’re all appalled. Or not.  Guest listeners mistake vokle.com for myfreecams.com and we have to let them down gently. This also includes their requests for various animal noises. These people really like some freaky shit.

Rhian brings us a list (you know how we love our lists) of the 10 Foods For A Better Sex Life. After getting bored with the list Victoria and Rhian start hitting on each other instead. In the process of this and learn that Rhian does not play with food for sex. Not into it. Stop trying. We learn all about lubes thanks to a recent episode of Doctor Oz.

We discuss this Occupy movement and wonder what the hell is this movement really about? Why now? Are we supposed to be the 99% or the 1%? What if I’m the 13%? Do they even know what this is really about or is it just an opportunity for us to bitch about everything we’re upset about or see as unfair in the ‘system’? Is this actually going to change anything or is it one more example of a lot of people bitching and yelling for a while and then going back to their lives with nothing being done?

We do know we love our listeners and special thanks to FuzBubbles for adding us on GetGlue. Thanks, love! Rhian brings us 14 Words With No English Equivalent and we have a blast trying to pronounce them. We ask all of you working in a service that requires the cleaning of public restrooms. Can you maybe go in and clean those a lot more often? Every hour for malls and stores with high volume, 2-3 times a day for restaurants or low-volume stores, etc? We jump from that right into whore news dealing with dogs and the newly crowned “Whore-o-ween”.

223: What Does Albino Smell Like?

This week is a blend of chaos and cray cray. Starting with this year’s version of Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale, we discuss medieval shit, eggnog, hiring a personal show butcher, mernimals and add Fish Bottom as a band name. First article of the week is about Clitoral Stimulation. We talk about albinos (hence the show title) and Victoria pens a novel titled: “How To Fuck A Mermaid: And Other Tails”.

Canadians voted for their Provincial Premiers and we discuss Canadian politics a bit. We also discuss Canadian Thanksgiving and the fun that comes with that each year. We celebrated here in the United States a bit by making the same dish. Tourtieres (meat pies) are quite tasty. Going back to politics, we learn about a politician that strips during a recent commercial.

Victoria comes strong with an Awesome List from heaven and we all enjoy a taste of the awesome. Our very dear friend, Annam Manthiram has written a book titled “After The Tsunami” and we’re going to be seeing her at a reading next month. We’re really proud of her and we want to push her book as much as we can. We discuss things parents say that just don’t make any sense. Rhian brings us whore news and everything is alright. First we learn that it is okay to be a porn star and a high school teacher. We also hear about a woman that wanted a male stripper for her 100th birthday. I hope I’m still that horny at 100. Hell, I hope I reach 100. Maybe. All this in an hour, seven minutes, thirty-eight seconds.

222: Meatsicle

Our first live show at Vokle.com! we start off with our beer of the week and learn that Rhian is an angel and therefore was immaculately conceptualized. Yeah I used the wrong word on purpose. Victoria is not allowed around sharp instruments anymore after she nearly sheared the side of her finger tip off blindly reaching into the sink.

Daniel introduces a 12-step recovery from Juggalism program, thanks to Adult Swim. Daniel needs to learn games. Rhian says she knows Asshole and is really good at it. We’ll learn what she means by that later. Rhian has a crazy psycho dream and we all learn about her new band, Meatsicle. TLC’s “How Stuff Works” brings us the 10 Things Your Kid Should Not Be For Halloween and Daniel shares things he recently learned from podcasts.

Rhian brings an article about a Kansas man that accidentally stole six EMPTY xxx DVD cases. She also brings us two whore news stories: A couple enjoys sex on their balcony in Australia and on the other, organizers of a Swiss farming calendar got a lot of slack for including girls in bikinis.

Victoria of the bitten boob, Rhian of the dry boob, Daniel says “It ain’t just my dick that heals!” This week we learn Rhian rides vacuums, you don’t bring a broom to a mop fight and don’t be a dick about not liking things. We check out Garfunkel & Oates live, Rhian has an MRI and a terrible fall and we spend a night tracking a falling satellite. There’s Superkid Nails, a couple movie reviews and we learn to use Grover as a verb. Victoria shares her strange obsesions and Daniel has to 9,000 up her. We ask for fan participation in this one. What are your thoughts on what it would be like to have the genitalia you lack? Rhian brings us articles on Guinea Pig Dating Services and Naked Protests in San Francisco. Anyone surprised at that last one? No? Me neither. It’s hecka sexy. So is this episode. All in an hour, 42 minutes, 50 seconds of hawtness.