This week is classic Uncast. We start off trying to talk beer but get sidetracked by the Fallen Angels discussions on a new idea for IKEA (check the title). We finally get around to discussing the beer and it turns out to be worthy of nothing but…well, nothing. Our first article of the week is Cracked’s list of The 5 Things You Do Every Day That Are Actually Addictions.

We discuss new comedy shows we’ve seen, including the easy to hate yet hilarious Bo Burnham and the easy to love yet blended reviewed Wyatt Cenac. We discuss seals defending people, and the pros and cons of recent internet memes. There’s the stupidity of A Woman Asked To Remove Her Pot Shirt At A Willie Nelson Concert and then there’s dueling Whore News stories. First, there’s more Erotic Dancing On A Plane and then there’s a barmaid that has the local wives steaming mad. She looks like old wet leather that’s been ridden hard and beaten mercilessly. All this and more in an hour, a minute and forty some seconds.