July 2011

212: Dork Korner
Rachel’s back for another week and we start right off with Dork Korner. This is our little turn at hitting the switch on the Wayback Machine and seeing who has some of the dorkiest likes or memories. Yeah I just said Wayback Machine. Did I mention it was Dork Korner? OK now you get it. We’re deeply disappointed in a recent Air Canada Lawsuitwhich brings on plenty of language related discussion.We also go into Canada’s very careful preparations for commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the role it played. If you don’t know, just ask any Canadian. They’ll gladly tell you just who it was that burned down the White House. Oh but we’re still friends so it’s all good. Victoria proposes a way to get back at GOP’s use of “Obama Care” as a negative phrase.

We discuss our morning at the Birch Aquarium, followed by lunch at Sammys Woodfired Pizza. Is it wrong to spend all morning looking at fish and then eat salmon for lunch? Photos from this adventure can be found here. No, just click the word HERE. WOW I feel like I’m back at work. OK, moving on. We discuss the new Google+, Rhian’s busy week and the now VERY distantly past MLB All-Star Game. Yeah, that’s right. I totally missed discussing it when it was relevant.

Daniel brings up a new way to make gelatin…out of HUMANS! Really, were you THAT surprised? Rhian brings us some more Whore News, this time about tips and pointers about bromances. Daniel tries to go into a story about a boner-inducing spider that rampaged a supermarket but the girls would not allow it. So he’s putting the link here.

211: Dolphin Fucking
Again the background noise exists because it’s REALLY hot at the casa and rhisort. Forgives us. We jump right in with dolphin fucking. Before we started the show, we listened to the June 16th episode of the XZone Podcast with guest Malcolm J Brennerwho claims to have been loved and been courted by a dolphin. Not only does he admit this on radio but he wrote a book about it.During a day of clothes shopping, Victoria possibly gets maybe hit on by a barista. We drink some awesome sahti beer and discuss our independence day weekend. The United States included a BBQ and Canada enjoyed shitty music minus Great Big Sea and “Will & Kate” minus the eight. Daniel adds in the “15 Signs You’re Talking To A Canadian.”

We discuss our first impressions of the new Google Plus and Daniel brings us 6 Beloved 80’s Toys With Horrifying Origin Stories. It bombs. Don’t blame him. He did what he could with what he had to work with. So he follows it up with AskMen.com’s version of the top 10 Female Sex Fantasies. The girls have a good laugh and Rhian saves the show with some Whore News.

210: Pump Me Full of Beer and iCarly

Daniel’s sister, Rachel joins us for the summer! We go into a few TV shows we’re watching recently and a quick movie review. New York makes same sex marriage legal and we celebrate. We celebrate our “Jesus Birthday” this year. We play a cute phone message from a listener and future guest, Guitar Rob.

Victoria informs us that orcas and dolphins are the same. We also dscuss how they are assholes. Then we learn the ICP tries to put a stop to the UCB. Victoria brings an Awesome List and we’re all grateful! Rhian explains why Sims 3 is awesome and ways to cheat and “woohoo” in public. Malcolm runs for Mayor. A woman dies at her own funeral. We discuss baseball in Alaska and California pansies before diving into Whore News. This time a man joins the mile high club by himself!