208: Out Of The Woods

Apologies ahead of time for the terrible background noise. It was a terribly hot night and fans were necessary. We jump right into cutlery, food, racism and a hot waitress at Urge Gastropub named Laura S. and a waiter with a hot voice. Rhian talks about the amazing meals she made. Two days in a row of fancy awesome dinners. She hasn’t done that in a LONG time so it’s a big sign of victory. Also because they tasted FREAKING AMAZING! Victoria tries to one-up with her awesome breakfast but I think Rhi gets the victory in this one.

Rhian comes up with an idea for a new musical based on blending fantasy, children’s stories, myths, Bible characters, etc. Denmark tries to ban Marmite (those damned Danes!) and we discuss horse herpes which brings up Sherpa Prostitute Sex. Whore news this week includes an old saint’s severed head and a man only wearing olive oil getting busted by cops.