205: Gimme the Full Frontal

Recorded the first weekend of May, this is Rhian’s first Uncast hosting gig away from the Casa. We discuss the weekend of crazy including: Victoria needs hats, royals are weird, deaths galore and why Canada is not allowed to vote anymore. Rhian discusses her trip back to Canada and how we miss her so much.

Cinnamon has a new boyfriend. We call him Jack. Jack is not an animal, plant and may not even be a mineral. Victoria has a new requirement for her “Birthday Song”. Victoria and Daniel get new phones and it’s a civil war all of a sudden. We discuss our favorite applications. Victoria has a new idea for a series of children’s books. I would say you won’t believe it but you probably will. Someone is also the last one to understand the not-so-hidden meaning in the name RU486. Victoria brings a lot of stuff out of the left field of her mind.

After all this and an hour into the show, we start getting into a few articles and end with whore news! The links for the show can be found below. After Andrea reads some tweets from Victoria’s mom, the episode ends just under an hour twenty-five. ENJOY!

Two galaxies colliding into a rose
Man Bursts Into Flames In S.F. Porn Shop
Whore News – Date Goes Wrong
Whore News – Kissing Box