203: Licketty Shit

Recorded April 2nd. We start the show right off with talk of hair metal talk. This is where Victoria learned her lesbian side. She liked the most girly hair bands and fell for the most girly members of the bands. The whores then go all “Bloodhound Gang” for the Nelson brothers. I even the score by outing my true Metallica fan history.

We go into school history including a bad dye job and getting kicked out of class. We briefly mention April Fool’s Day and move on to Rebecca Black. Rhian brings us Whore News, this time involving a MAN of the night! Gerard Butler gives HIS dick for free! Speaking of whores, we saw a couple of real messes at the pool in the Casa Complex.

The girls perform a test to see who’s boobs are bigger. We all advocate Uncast Parties. They then try to use Rhian’s moans as bribe to get anything Victoria wants. This quickly fails. Instead, we need to get Rhian some more long, uber soft, light pajama pants with lace trim at the bottom like La Senza used to sell. We discuss food servers: their looks and their manners. This stems from a shitty experience we had at our local El Torito. Victoria falls and we abruptly end the show without plugs or marketing or any of the like.