200: Lots Of Things Have Holes

Quote of the night: “If the nurses didn’t do me, then I probably didn’t get done”

Party in the Casa as Uncast celebrates episode 200. Hand mics all around means lots of static and a desk mic on the fritz. God and Master & Commander host a house full of freaks, geeks and weirdos. If you were there, you figure out which one you would marry, which you would f*k and which you would kill. We found out Prince is a nice ladyboy. We start a rousing game of “Really” where everyone drinks whenever Daniel says “Really”. This would turn into a game of “What’s wrong with you” where we drink everytime Rhian asks Daniel that question.

We pass around the bowl and play a blended game of truth & FMK. God spends most of the show trying to remain relevant. Victoria references a Buddy Rich joke without giving credit, followed up closely by a Mallrats reference. Hammocks & Volkswagons. We discuss the comfortability of sex on a pile of dying babies. We proceed to learn a lot about our guests. For instance, Allison would fuck a swan, Lura hates short people, Daniel is a pyro, Victoria wants to be Vishnu, Rhian didn’t start masturbating until her early 30s, Amy got caught by her landlord and   Butch once brought a woman back to life with a “Magic Chocolate Pill”. We go on to discuss odd sexual fantasies at length. We sing Happy Birthday (now 3 weeks late) to our pal Lambboy. Jim helps us end the show with a few FMK questions. By the end of this episode you’ll want to duct tape God and leave him in a closet within a cold abandoned warehouse in a seedy part of town.