195: Moat Before Fence Policy

New Years episode! Rachel is here while we welcome in 2011. We drink some beer (not Rachel) and enjoy watching the ball drop. We go over our Christmas weekend and Rachel talks about her trip out to the Casa from WVU. We read two articles: One about Bunnies that have taken over a chemical weapons factory and one about a freighter that was grounded while delivering coal to Detroit. Get it? Cause Detroit’s been so bad this year.

We look back on 2010 and in a year full of earthquakes, deaths, parties and great sports what was greatest of all was ending it with all of you! Thanks so much to all of you for listening. We’re looking forward to a 2011 where we all get to know of each other better. A great way to do that is to contact us by phone, email, Facebook or leaving comments on the site! We know you’re out there. We can see you. Share your thoughts with us!

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