November 2010

192: Fuckin Awesome

This week it’s Thanksgiving and it’s fucking cold! Notes are short and to the point. Victoria’s musical tastes have deteriorated and she explains how. We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with family and a great trip to Arizona with the Dahonays who are like family. We enjoyed a great holiday beer and we talk about this whole TSA thing a bit. All wrapped up in just over an hour. How neat is that?!

191: Bitch Tits

We apologize for the delay between ‘sodes but it’s been quite a time after we got back from Ottawa. Rhian joins us in helping with the transition from Canada back to the Casa. This week we’re discussing the end of our visits there for Canadian Thanksgiving and the girls discuss dancing at dance clubs. Victoria and I voted this year and Rhian was not allowed to. We go into that. Victoria and Rhian are both participating(ish) in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo and Daniel is participating in Movember. One activity requires daily efforts for 30 days writing 50,000 words and the other requires doing absolutely nothing to shave one’s face for 30 days. OK, so I did have to shave my beard but you get the idea.

Victoria reviews the movie Duplicity and Rhian reviews 50 First Dates and Planet 51. We discuss Rhian’s upcoming visit to San Diego which is now official and we set the dates for some of the parties that will be going down while she’s here. Victoria returns with an Awesome List and this one’s a doozy! We can’t have a Rhian episode without Whore News and she does not disappoint! How could we do this in anything but 69 minutes?!

Pub Italia
O’Brien’s Pub
Mumford & Sons
Whore News