190: Ottawa’s Festival of Bums

Right off we have to apologize for the audio. No, people are not across the room from the mic. You can tell from the constant overblown clipping crackles. If it’s too much for your ears, we are sorry.  If stop it and wait for 191, we won’t be offended. So we’re in Ottawa for Canadian Thanksgiving and enjoying some of their beers, their food and their people. After a few guest introductions and beer reviews, we get this bitch started. Wait, wrong show I think.

We talk about our travels to Canada and our first experiences in Ottawa. To summarize: fuck Newark Airport (EWR) and Canadians are perpetually sorry except customs agents and the rental car companies. Quick message to listeners for future customs stops: Do not tell them you have a couple of 22s in your luggage. You know it’s beer but THEY will think guns. Daniel learns the hard way that jalapenos are not pickles. Victoria later learns that peanut butter is not grated parmesan. We also discuss crazy rally car style city drivers. We really are grateful for the ride, TechAndrew.

Conversation turns to diplomacy between nations including the Commonwealth Games. Somehow this leads to nostalgic stories of getting sick from drinking. Inspired by one story, our mystery guest grabs some Goldschlagger and we all have a nice shot. After the shots, Victoria talks about some grocery items she discovered that Ottawa has and San Diego does not. Amy adds in the four things she must eat every time she’s in Ottawa. This leads to a discussion about food and coffee preferences. We discuss politics a little bit and how Victoria and I came to be where we are. Well, kinda.

Mime sex comes up thanks to Victoria. Scariest thing ever maybe? If you’re a mime, please email us (Don’t call) to explain exactly how this might work and how we can be sure that you’re really using a condom. She then asks again if you’re into midgets and furry sex, are Ewoks you’re ultimate option? We discuss Darren’s high ass crack. Speaking of crack we then discuss Rhi’s former place of employment and how she almost burned it down which of course brings up the Easy Mac story. The episode ends in an hour, 42 minutes and 43 seconds.

Heart & Crown on Preston
Pub Italia