September 2010

187: I Heart Kim Deal

Butch joins us fresh from his gig at Bootie in San Francisco. This was recorded two weeks ago. Yes, I know. You don’t need to say it. Now moving on we start out with some beer, lots of pop culture references throughout the show and a bit about a ballplayer with an attitude problem. Surprised? Victoria watched a movie from 1985 and folks get confused by a movie in 2010.

This week in news includes a crazed man and Hurricane trying to take control of the east coast and how both failed. We learn that Canadians aren’t always nice and what can happen when hackers fail to learn how to spell. Hint: Teddy Bears pay the price. After Daniel goes all ‘Boo hoo’ when his topics fall flat, Butch regales us with tales of his latest gig, how he discovered Mash-Ups and a surreal 25 hours that would make Jack Bauer’s head spin. You want the time on all this? How about just over 90 minutes?

Links This Week:
Check out Bootie in San Francisco
Check out music by DJ BrotherDarkness
Check out Butch’s blog
Nyjer Morgan problems: count them 1-2-3 strikes you’re out
1. Throwing a tantrum after missing a fly ball and allowing an ITPHR
2. Throwing a baseball into the stands and hitting the wrong guy
3. Charging the mound (P-Volstad) only to get super-clotheslined by Gaby Sanchez
Piranha 3D could take a ‘bite’ out of tourism
Perhaps Canada isn’t nice afterall
Cyber-jihadists deface home of teddy bear picnic

186: The Freilich Maneuver

So check this one out. There’s beer, 2010’s “Read-A-Book” and some talk of Lil Wayne’s autotune dependency. Victoria brings us a science segment with “clean drinking” and we also read some listener comments. This is followed by a few movie reviews, some sports from Daniel and a documentary we shared as a family.

After all that we still have time to tell you how your bathroom posture affects your health. Daniel brings some more things he learned from podcasts. We learn about the rise and fall of quicksand and Victoria has an Awesome List!