185: Shanks

Rhian joins us this week as we record on Victoria and Daniel’s 11th Wedding Anniversary! We start right off with talk of hentai, passive-aggressive doms and a vampire with shivs instead of fangs. Daniel gives the world a new cocktail and Victoria creates her own. We discuss Sims and of course Victoria’s need for a moat comes back into play.

Victoria and Daniel spend a day out including seeing “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and testing out Lightning Brewery’s Cream Ale. Later on we go to Cuchina Urbana and fall in love all over again. Victoria makes a ring of awesome for breakfast and we enjoy a great Anniversary together.

Victoria comes up with an idea of Cinnamon travelling the country telling her version of the Aristocrats joke. Victoria also tries to start a loud conversation about furries in the restaurant and this somehow brings up accidental dog fucking. Someone tell us how that’s even possible. She follows this up with an article on the Six Songs Used To Torture People. Victoria comes to the realization that Alan Moore was paranoid and crazy.  She adds a bathroom story and this leads us into Rhian’s “Whore News”. We end the episode with a list of things Victoria is missing this weekend or rather the weekend this episode was recorded.