183: Circle Jerk of Podcasts

We start right off discussing beers, ice cream and Mother Teresa’s vagina. What sort of tools did they use in the Flintstone’s world for shaving the vagina, vibrators, etc? Victoria asks about the whole Juggalo community to understand just why we laugh so hard at them. Victoria decides she wants a moat and a menagerie of fantastical animals.

Victoria went to Comic-Con 2010 to meet 4 out of her top 5 guys and her top 2 women. This was highly unfair given that I had to work but we get to live it through her. I learned a few things from podcasts including discussion of the “Circle Jerk of Comedy Podcasts”. Victoria tells us about some words that she gets mixed up with. We move on to e-readers, some sports news and Things that Canada Has Brought The World.