181: I Need Help!

Victoria starts this show right off by assuming she has the power to kill celebrities. This week: Harvey Pekar. Then she blames it on LeBron leaving Cleveland. We segue from that to a stream of conscience hair metal conversation stemming from some more lyrics Victoria has a problem with. This week: Poison’s “Something To Believe In”.  We also learn why we need to either keep brownies away from Victoria or we need to record when she has them.

Victoria decided she needs a minion for Sloth Sundays. She thinks about giving Cinnamon opposable thumbs, having kids, hiring teens, buying a servant boy. We discusses the newest experiment from Carl’s Jr and how disgusting it sounds. The World Cup is over and apparently the team of hot models won. Who’d have known? Victoria gives us a list of things to help us cope with the end of the World Cup.

Victoria has an awesome list! This one includes Comic-Con discussions and reading among a various amount of other things. Victoria reviews two movies she saw recently: Get Him To The Greek and AdventureLand. Daniel comes in with some things he learned from podcasts, we go over mummies and zombies (AGAIN) for those who still need help and we talk about our Fourth of July celebration. We each recommend a few things for you all to check out and end the show with some more Church of Awesome ideas.

Links For the Week
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