180: Fuck Your Face

We have Rachel and Victor on the show this week! Yeah, we’re just now releasing an episode from our birthday weekend. Rachel even calls us out on it. I swear I will get better about that. Please forgive some of the sound quality (sudden volume changes and heavy breathing) as we were having a bit of a problem getting the mics to behave.

We start out with Rachel being a fripple. We somehow segue that into women not understanding baseball and numbers and hidden ball tricks don’t work with purses and shoes. We go into Victor’s thoughts on his first trip through PETCO Park and the lack of communication about other events going on in the ballpark at the same time. PETCO Park is thus given a new nickname by Victoria: Douchebag Stadium.

Somehow we get sidetracked to our exHalf-Mormonism and the girls take the show off the rails for a moment before the girls propose leaving Uncast to do their own show, so I may be doing auditions soon for a new co-host. Supposedly, being 500 miles apart, they’d do a 4 hour show every day. When that happens, Uncast will have retired 3 times like Michael Jordan and come back to rock the house Favre style every time.

Going back to baseball, there’s some ballpark talk about location and attraction of a park and Fenway Park comes up. We also get into upper deckers and the Philly Phanatic. Another awkward transition to reverse vampires. Victoria is going to Comic-Con and trying to touch Nathan Fillion without getting arrested. Add to that the nearly endless list of other hot geek-fan legends that will be there, the Glee Panel, the Merlin panel and the screening of “Once More With Feeling” and I may have to mop Victoria off the Convention Center floor.

We jump into REALLY OLD World Cup News: Rachel loves vuvuzelas, before getting into even older news…the games. More numbers means Victoria is more confused. She is into the Spanish footballers and thinks the Nigerians are also cute but afraid of the scams they’d pull.

We discuss birthday weekend with the San Diego International Beer Festival, the birthday party, some brewery visits and awesomeness. First, is it so hard to make the servers you hire at your festival know at least enough about the beers they’re serving? It was great seeing Jim Crute again at Lightning Brewery and we always enjoy their beers. Ballast Point gave Victoria smiles with their smoked ale. Zocalo Grill gave us an AWESOME dinner and then there was the party.

Victoria’s bubble bar idea was a smash hit and Porn Of Fortune is a fun party game. Of course Tings came out and we had to play a few rounds of that. Victor enjoyed the bourbon bacon ice cream and it got him nice a cozy. The party went out to the patio while four of us kinda crashed out early and Vudell crashed out for the second time in three years. Victor goes on about his excitement over the iPhone 4 and it’s kinda cute so check it out. We hit up Studio Diner for brunch and learn that a huge ass burrito is the best thing when you’re hungover.

Victoria goes into a rant and tirade about the LeBron James situation and we learn after the show that Jay-Z is actually part owner of the New Jersey Nets and not the New York Knicks. Finally ending on the three wise men and saying goodbye after an hour, 15 minutes and 29 seconds.