179: No Homo

This was recorded June 21st! Hurray us for getting shows out..on..time..or not. Hey! Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us to celebrate! The Victoria is too Posh tonight. We discuss the latest episode of The Boondocks and the way Tyler Perry got torn to shreds by Aaron McGruder. The area surrounding Rhi has gotten some visitations by large animals and we don’t mean Big Jim. In literary news, we learn that “meece” or “meese” has nothing to do with moose or mice. No matter what Urban Dictionary says. We also discuss kangaroos and whether they can punch their own stomachs. VERY interesting indeed!

We truly enjoyed this week’s Beer of The Week: Stone’s 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA. Victoria has decided to eliminate card giving at work. Everyone just writes the same shit in every card so it’s not really that personalized. She did get some awesome gifts from Becky, though. Meanwhile, I had one of the best Birthdays EVER! Want to know? LISTEN TO THE SHOW!!! We have a bevvy of calls to the Uncast Line just as we’re getting into a little question: Does every vampire series need to include werewolves ever since Underworld came out?! True Blood has ’em, The Gates has ’em, The Twilight Series has ’em and we’re getting sick of them.

Rhian brings a bit of whore news with the MuchMusic Awards which were held in mid-June. We wonder why Canadian musical acts can’t show up to a Canadian Music Awards show. We wonder why the fuck a 17-year old girl is walking around in a skirt/dress without underwear on. We spend a long time shitting on a number of celebrities from the Awards show. Of course there’s World Cup news long long behind the now and we end with Vivi’s story from a ballgame including a review of the Proper Gastropub in San Diego. We do all this in 61:52. CALL US at 619-940-4SEX or comment at uncast.net! We miss hearing from our listeners!