177: I Just Like Their Balls

Welcome to Mancast III! Butch joins us while Victoria is out of town. We start out talking celebrity deaths and the first bad joke comes just 85 seconds into the show. We discuss the barleywine from Alaskan Brewery and our favorite WTF from Lagunitas. From there we move onto our other love, bacon. Bacon Moon Pies and Gourmet Bacon Candies in fact. Butch discusses some of the great restaurants and bars that he’s discovered since the last time we heard from him. If you’re in San Diego, check out Noble Experiment and Prohibition for drinks and Cucina Urbana for a great meal.

We segue smoothly from food and drinks to a new segment on the show: Parents of the Week Award. We need your votes between the Stripper Mom or the Alcoholic Dad. Who wins this week’s award? We go from that to sports where the Stanley Cup Finals were still tied, the NBA Finals were still boring and baseball was the exciting talk of the day. This goes on for quite a while, so non-sports fans beware. Butch gives us his World Cup picks (Andrés Escobar DID get murdered) then we get to hear all that’s been goin down in the life and times of one DJ Brotherdarkness. This includes the every awesome Tabe BBQ (unofficial mobile cuisine of Uncast) and some possible block parties happening later this summer in San Diego. Catch him at Bootie San Francisco on August 28th. This one’s just over an hour, 45 minutes long!