June 2010

178: Over Zealous Vulvas

We start the show right off with a list of beers we’ve had recently and what we thought of them. This brings out the idea that Pacman was a grapefruit. How does eating fruits make ghosts edible? Speaking of ghosts, we leave for West Virginia and learn about the deaths of two celebrities and two long-standing relationships. We discuss this West Virginia trip to see Rachel graduate high school and try out the local cuisine. There was laughter, there was tears, there was drama afterwards and we will not be going back anytime soon.

We saw a couple of movies in flight which helped shorten the trip and this got us in the mood for the World Cup. Already in the tournament stage by the time you hear it, we were kinda geeked about it when we recorded this. Victoria goes off on the MTV Movie Awards and the fall of Snoop’s lyrical talents and Katy Perry goes from kissing girls to being truly annoying. Of course she has more lyrics to complain about and this week it’s 99 Red Balloons and I Can’t Fight This Feeling.

Victoria discusses her trip with Becky to Arizona for a Passion Party with DaHonay. Victoria is designated a level 7 whore out of a scale of 1-5. She also declares her disgust at clitoral stimulators shaped like cute animals or butterflies. On the way home, to kill the boredom of the drive, they brought back “Kill, Marry or Fuck” which is slightly different from the Eat Kill or Fuck we played before. The ultimate is of course the men from “Full House”.

We discuss our time at the Coronado Brewery. Good food and good beer in a nice area of town. Apparently all it takes to be a good detective is black coffee, smoking cigarettes and fingering a lady in the library. What’s the best place to do that btw? Inspired by some funny podcast episodes, Victoria finds “The Prophecy is True” and “It achieved a consciousness” as great phrases to add to conversations. Inspired by Community we try to get “She/He said, fully erect” as a phrase to replace “That’s what he/she said”. Victoria puts M&Ms on notice about their pretzel M&Ms.

From there we move on to True Blood and Victoria thinks about how hot it would be to have sex with something that can move that fast. Tonguing, biting on the upper-inner thigh while fingering, nomming the nape of the neck while fucking, etc. It’s odd having a Vampire show in that kind of setting but it helps make it interesting. Victoria has also been getting hardcore into another TV show called Leverage. I’m not yet sure if I like it or not. After TV talk we jump into the start of the World Cup and determine we want Desmond Tutu for our grandpa. The games start off exciting with the USA drawing against England, Tshabalala is the greatest name in football next to Kaka and Germany crushes Australia. Victoria says soccer has the hottest guys and if ladies are looking for a sport to get into, this is it. So there’s a TON in this episode. Join us for all 77 minutes, 29 seconds of it!

177: I Just Like Their Balls

Welcome to Mancast III! Butch joins us while Victoria is out of town. We start out talking celebrity deaths and the first bad joke comes just 85 seconds into the show. We discuss the barleywine from Alaskan Brewery and our favorite WTF from Lagunitas. From there we move onto our other love, bacon. Bacon Moon Pies and Gourmet Bacon Candies in fact. Butch discusses some of the great restaurants and bars that he’s discovered since the last time we heard from him. If you’re in San Diego, check out Noble Experiment and Prohibition for drinks and Cucina Urbana for a great meal.

We segue smoothly from food and drinks to a new segment on the show: Parents of the Week Award. We need your votes between the Stripper Mom or the Alcoholic Dad. Who wins this week’s award? We go from that to sports where the Stanley Cup Finals were still tied, the NBA Finals were still boring and baseball was the exciting talk of the day. This goes on for quite a while, so non-sports fans beware. Butch gives us his World Cup picks (AndrĂ©s Escobar DID get murdered) then we get to hear all that’s been goin down in the life and times of one DJ Brotherdarkness. This includes the every awesome Tabe BBQ (unofficial mobile cuisine of Uncast) and some possible block parties happening later this summer in San Diego. Catch him at Bootie San Francisco on August 28th. This one’s just over an hour, 45 minutes long!

176: It’s No Rubicon

We start right off with questions about the reality of gargoyles, gummi bears and other fantasy cartoon characters. Then theres lots of beer. I mean LOTS. We go through the Facebook privacy thing, a new band name from Victoria and our embarassment with Tyra.

Victoria introduces a new segment called Dolphin Talk and the Review Corner. There’s even an Awesome List! Short notes, long show. Enjoy!

Questions about the realness Gargoyles, Gummi Bears and other fantasy cartoon characters. Enjoy all 79:16 of it. I know I will!

Dear God Tyra