May 2010

175: Should I Eat My Son For Breakfast?

Our apologies for the 25 seconds or so of sipping and smacking and otherwise silence about 6 minutes into this one. I meant to cut it out and got lazy with the editing. REALLY lazy. Victoria comes up with a new business idea that Daniel doesn’t think will work. You tell us what you think. The title quote comes from one of those generic “woman empowerment” posts going around Facebook (You women realize those are more chauvanistic than empowering, right?) and the logical – or illogical – conclusions that it could come to.

We move from this on to a bit of a tear jerking United Way story where the city of Seattle and hundreds of volunteers help make a child a superhero for a day. We discuss our day at Toronado San Diego and we give our review. We enjoy a nice hat night in Paltalk and we discuss how that went. If you remember us asking you to tell us what highly regarded bands or musicians you hate, we now ask you to write us (or call) and tell us what children’s shows or movies directed at children that were popular or highly regarded which you just never go on board with.

We end the show with a few things: Victoria and Becky begin a quest for the most perfect cupcake in San Diego, Lady MacBeth had something right and the Church of Awesome needs badges. Anyone want to design some? Maybe come up with badge ideas and possible qualifications? Email us at or call in to 619-940-4SEX! Don’t have time for that shit? Leave a comment on ya lazy bastards! This one’s just over an hour long!

174: Who Wants To Stick Their Dick In My Purse?

We drown our sorrows of missing our whorespondent by drinking and reviewing four beers. We move on to taking Victoria’s parents out for dinner. We take Victoria’s parents out for some tasty burgers and enjoy awesome cheesecake. We make the natural transition from food and beer to the Tibetian Buddhist Sky Burial or Jhator. Doing some post-show research, we totally get this ceremony incorrect so we offer our apologies. Search Wiki or Google for Jhator or Sky Burial to get the correct information. Hey guys, we’ve never been known for our accuracy!

After all the death dismemberment talk we follow up with some notes on Rhian’s flight home (yay Continental and boo Newark Int’l Airport) and we congradulate BigJim on his awesome standup performance in NYC last month. Go check out Audiobuzzed people! Victoria enjoys a little of the new Doctor Who (and Daniel enjoys Karen Gillan) just as our show does a little time travelling of our own as we jump into a bit more beer tasting just for the hell of it.

Some sad beer news as Fritz Maytag sells Anchor Brewing Co. and some cute news as we learn about a meerkat seeking love. Victoria has a few questions about Thomas the Tank Engine and opinions about evil geniuses and how she’s creeped out by Usher’s new song, “Daddy’s Home”. This from a woman who loved Roxy Music’s “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” which is an ode to a blow up doll. We wrap up the show with a return to Daniel’s “Things I Learned From Podcasts”. Time on this is 1:37:32.

This week we recommend the following…
Go listen to: Audiobuzzed, I Love Lard, Keith and The Girl & The DaH Theory
Go buy: “What Do We Do Now?” by Keith Malley & Chemda Khalili
Go eat: Anything from Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego
Go drink: Stone/Firestone Walker/21st Amendment El Camino (Un)Real Black Ale