173: I’m No One’s Punchline

The last show we do with Rhian “in studio” for a while starts right off with comments from listeners and beer. We discuss a bit of an elevator incident where Daniel almost died. Victoria helps out by talking about two people from UCSD dying this week. We debate about whether or not “Counter Assault” is a proper name for bear spray. We learn that mace and apple pie are not a good mix.

We watched Princess Bride this week. Has anyone noticed how seriously stupid Buttercup is? Speaking of stupid, Victoria asks what has got to be the winner of the year for stupid questions. We move on from that quickly and go to the 20 Things You’re Never Too Old For. Rhian brings us some Whore News from The Examiner. We learn that people die in threes so that God can have an “arrival at Heaven’s Gate” joke. Rhian brings an Awesome List! It’s 40% longer than normal but it’s all good. She pimps out Les Ballets de Trockadero de Monte Carlo and Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA. PLEASE go check them out! Both troupes are awesome! Victoria follows this up with hate mail about Pluto from ten years ago and we end with Hipsters issue filling out the Census. You know it’s because they can’t read, right? This one’s just over 45 minutes so it’s well within commuting time. Enjoy!

So with that, check out Jim and Rhian on Audiobuzzed! They’ve got a bit of a contest going, so listen to their latest epiosde and call in to place your vote for who’s going to win!