172a: Jesse Joyce Is A Slow Loris

Rhian and Butch join us the day after our beer tasting party to record this episode with us. We realize after a super-cute video, that Jesse Joyce resembles a slow loris. Just a little. We know Easter as a day when, a few days after a grown assed man chose to die, he changed his mind. Then after a few bumps with his homies, was never heard from again.

We discuss the third Uncast hosted beer tasting. It was a big winner. First, we met Tony’s girlfriend for the first time and she fit right in like she’d always been there. We discuss what happens when two drinks stop bein’ whack and blend it real nice like. We learn yet again that Dogfish Head and Lagunitas can make some kick ass beer. We learn bringing unknown breweries to a beer tasting rarely ends well. My co-workers drop the ball on coming to a beer tasting that was originally planned with them and Victoria goes appetizer style for the food instead of spending three days cooking non-stop. Hear how that went.

Victoria realizes that there isn’t any drug in the world that can make “Spice World” watchable. We’ll get to that theory a bit in a future episode. We learn about 9000 year old beer, a Polish dude who goes down with the ship (or plane) and we discuss the Amish.

Can you believe Victoria brings up bukkake again? Yeah I can’t either. We discuss some accidental party fouls and a knitted hood. Alien? Rain wear? Racist organization? Strange little yarn constructed town? Listen and find out. Rhian brings the whore news and this one should sound familiar but it’s worth a rhi-play.

We end with some of the latest news from DJ Brother Darkness and his appearance on a TV Morning Show as a fan of one of the best mobile cuisine I’ve ever had: Tabe BBQ. Check them out. They kick ASS! They’re looking to work a little block party fun with DJ Brother Darkness and this should be a great coming summer. Enjoy this one in just under 55 minutes.

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