March 2010

170: Don’t Judge Me, Fuckers!

It’s Universary 3 beetches! The Return of The Return! We start this shit the way we do every Universary: Victoria drunk as hell and making all sorts of noise. As with our last episode, it starts with Kooza and bukkake, or as Allison calls it: When a mommy loves a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy… We’re doing this two guests at a time so no bukkake at this party. Butch worships at the alter of bukkake at church…which oddly turns out to be the Church of Awesome. Hmm interesting how that worked out. Aaron quickly offends Victoria by disparaging Victoria’s Canadian boyfriend, Michael Buble.

There’s some discussion about books the girls got off to as teens. We rehash the wireless headphones topic. We discuss favorite moments in the last year of Uncast and Victoria chastises Becky for her level of drunkedness. We discuss Malcolm Gladwell and geek holidays. Aaron reminds us who he would go gay for. Then he turns around and tries to disprove my gay/straight theory. Is it just a coincidence that Aaron deeply dislikes every celebrity Victoria lusts after in this episode? We’ll look into that one later. Aldo spanks Victoria so hard, a chair falls over and her ears fell off. Given that, she’s got an inexplicable fear of things that pop.

We move on to nipple piercing and the recovery time, Rhian’s amazingly beautiful toes, we all try to force alcohol down Neighbor Tony’s throat and we question labels for women of age who like to have sex with men of much younger age. New rule at Casa de Uncast: You can fuck on the couch but NO FUCKING THE COUCH! Victoria gets in a wrestling match with a helium balloon and loses. Aldo shows us his cocks and Daniel gets to stroke them. Victoria disappears from the show and comes back from the bedroom with missing underwear. We end the show after 1:23:42. Fuck us, we forgot to add the calls to the end of the show. We’ll have them in 171. Promise!

169: From Dick Sucking to Kooza

We recorded this episode on St Patrick’s Day, exactly 3 years since we recorded our first show. We review Cirque de Soleil KOOZA including the realization that Cirque de Soleil is French for “Solar Bukkake” which gets Victoria asking all sorts of questions. All we know is they all must have amazing sex. Victoria tries to get us all sick.

Rhian brings us some news on Canadian money, Victoria wants death metal with fluffy lyrics and people with wireless headphones should keep what they hear to themselves. We spent a weekend north of LA with family and we review a couple of kids movies. Victoria brings back “Things I Learned from TV” and we of course have to end with a list. It’s not awesome but it’s worth your time. I hope.

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168: Stop Coloring Your Money!

Hey guess what? Rhian joins us again! We have elves, orcs, Mormons, Canadian visitors, OPEC, an earthquake, whores and lots more good shit goin on. Wanna check out this episode? It has the shortest show notes ever done on this show. We’s kickin it half-assy like that mfers!

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