167: Canadian Invasion

We’re being invaded by Canucks! SickRick joins us from Toronto this week along with our Whorespondant Rhian who is of course still visiting until the end of March. We talk beer, Valentine’s Day (including an amazing dinner at Zocalo Grill), the Olympics and the most useless sport in the Winter Olympics.

Articles this week include Askmen.com’s 10 Reasons Not To Get Married. Ten dumbest if you ask us. We also contemplate what we might do with Cinnamon if she crashed out first at a party. We went to see Le Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo and it was fabulous! Rhian brings us some whore news and we got a bit of a comment on uncast.net and we discuss it. We end the show with another Awesome List and finish in 53 minutes and 50 seconds.

Give us a call dammit! 619-940-4SEX! The question this week: How do you feel about Olympic Pole Dancing as a sport? Have an opinion on something you heard on today’s show? Leave a comment at uncast.net or email us at uncast.net@gmail.com. Want to help support the show and make sure it keeps going? Hate us and want to buy us off so we’ll stop recording? DONATE DONATE DONATE!