166: Cannibalism or Necrophilia?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Rhian joins us again for another episode. We jump right into Super Bowl talks, including the good and the bad of commercial ads. We each read off our names from Urban Dictionary. Guess who’s God, Chuck Norris and a few other awesome things combined? Victoria brings us another game of “Who Would Win In A Fight” and there’s a few strange battles. We discuss jury duty, Daniel’s magic healing cock becoming magic healing fingers and some very strange search terms that have brough people to uncast.net.

Victoria outs her love for cold things on her and we have to ask the title question: is it worse to fuck the dead or eat the dead? With Rhian comes whore news and we also bring in some questions about sex in space. What would it be like to have an orgy at zero gravity? You tell us! Call us with your answers at 619-940-4SEX or leave your comments on uncast.net. We give this one to you in under 58 minutes.