January 2010

164: We’re Make Out Angels

Rhian’s back! You might see her become a bit of a regular since she’ll be with us for a while. We start out this episode with a girl’s day in, Beer Night with co-workers and their awesome house. We took Victoria’s parents out for lunch and tofu soup isn’t disgusting. Other things that aren’t disgusting include Victoria’s cooking, Becky’s girl boner and Rockband nights. We have a number of quotes of the night when Becky visited and we discuss horrible vs awesome porn names. We all learn the meaning of clitter dick, Victoria’s wild desirous need for Rhian and Montreal’s take on church and strip clubs. Finish up with the NFL playoffs and Golden Globes and we get 42 minutes of awesome!

163: Inter-species Free-Ballin’

First show of the year and it’s only a two and a half weeks old. We have Rhian IN STUDIO! We reminisce about our weekend in Sacramento welcoming in the New Year with our dear friends (and recently engaged) Rachel and Victor. Loads of breweries and fireworks and champagne and great foods and friends and things. Love it. Adding in some Facebook comments, whore news of course and Noah’s Space Ark? Ah well, just enjoy it already! It’s only 57 minutes long!

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162: Year Of The Cute

Ahhh the last Uncast recorded in 2009 and the first released in 2010. Very strange. We start right off reviewing beer as always, discussing Christmas plans and time spent with family. We move on to some talk about Salvation Army Bellringers and how they put wings on so many angels every year. Doctor WHO comes up a lot since we love the show and Victoria is determined to watch it so much I get tired of it. Our last lists of the year involve beer and marriage which is kind of fitting given the direction this podcast has teken in the last year. Where will it go this year? Victoria seems to think it’ll be quite cute.