159: Pon de Floor Party

We bring in Aaron and Butch after a long night of chili, gourmet popcorn, beer and watching the same video over and over to different songs for about two hours. We enjoy a few more beers on the show but don’t go into too much detail about them. Topics tonight include Victoria watching constructicons tear apart a building at her work, a Friday Night beer run with co-workers and kissing Jeff Dunham. Yeah, I’m creeped out too. Let’s just move on, shall we? OK so we learn 7Weird Ways to Not Get Sick (including kissing), a sing-along on Vicodin, some band names with a Star Wars twist (recent Twitter meme) and then on to vampires. Can Aaron beat up a vampire? We’re not sure. You tell us.

We go on to some of the week in sports including more wins by Norwich City FC, the MLS Cup and of course the Game of The Week. We end by briefly mentioning Daniel’s hatred for the letter C and end after about 70 minutes.

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