158: OMG I Was A Dyke!

Victoria starts off by ruining “New Moon” for everyone. We discuss the Lupilin Effect with IPAs and enjoy Avery’s Dugana IPA. There’s talk of JanuaRHI, maple syrup, some movies Victoria recently watched, vampires and Blake Lively. We learn about a man in Britain with bionic bowels. If the robots want to take over, they’ll have to start from our bottoms. We run through a Lightning Round of Food, Australians, the South African Economy and why beer is awesome. Victoria enjoys last.fm on her XBOX 360 now and we ask everyone which of these are sexy: monocles and/or fur hats? Naked pornstar in a ushanka and monocle? Fur hat and long wool socks?

Victoria starts a new band called Glocked and Loaded and we all roll our eyes. No judging though, we swear. Thanks to Butch and others, we learn that bacon sandwiches help cure hangovers. Daniel goes through his Sports News for the week and we wrap things up with an article from our Whorespondant, Rhian. Check her out with Big Jim on Audiobuzzed! Also props go out to our contributors this week. Go listen to I Love Lard and The Scream podcasts and check out Butch’s blogs at ButchRosser.net and TheIslandOfMisfitSongs.com. This episode for 86 minutes, 32 seconds.

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