156: Hands On The Table

We have Rachel and Victor with us this week! Show starts off with some beers for the week and the drinks start flowing far before the recording making for a semi-chaotic output from all involved. There’s even a fuck break involved. For the audiophiles, our apologies.

Victoria’s parents take us out to dinner and we love it. We discuss their latest cruise and how much Victoria hates her mom’s fudge. Victoria starts asking me inappropriate questions about a co-worker and certain cold sex toys. Rachel breaks out the condoms and Victoria breaks out the Sexy Halloween Cocktails and Bacon Bake Sale. Some people at work cheat on contests just for a Wii prize and being a Scottish Brand Ambassador is NOT worth living in Houston for.

Victoria learned some things from podcasts since Daniel is unable to listen to them much anymore thanks to his job responsibilities. Apparently according to the news, Anglicans can now be part of the Catholic church. Who knew?! Why don’t people like to dress up for Halloween like back in the day? The girls grace us with an Awesome List and then we ask you all to share with us your favorite childhood books.