153: Gimmy Midglets

Autumn is upon us and we start right off with a couple of very tasty pumpkin ales. We take Becky out to dinner for her birthday ad the girls try to get me to vomit fire. Team Drunk SoCal meets at Stone and we have a couple international visitors. Fried balls of mashed potatoes and beers make for a good time, especially when coupled with great people and conversation.

We discuss fans dressing up with costumes that have nothing to do with the teams names and owners who are perpetual losers. Inspector Gadget comes up and we try to figure out Dr. Claw and Daniel’s theory on the good guy trio of the series. That drives us to discuss evil geniuses and some of their motives. Victoria introduces us to another fun podcast that she found called WireTap. NPR fans will love it. We discuss a man who is looking for a woman he met who he is convinced must be the girl of his dreams. Have you seen her?

We end the episode with the most hungry home invasion robbery of the year, a call from listener Aaron, a comment from Lura and our thoughts on the top 10 banned books in 2008 even though it’s 2009. We’ll give you all this and more in and hour, 14 minutes and change.