October 2009

155: Wherjews

Starting off the show with a nice hoppy IPA from Scotland. Y’all know how I like my scotch. I also like Scottish Ales. We go into the first of what will be many pot lucks at my new place of employment. That of course leads to some of Victoria’s latest cooking goodies. We also go to the latest Rev concert at the House of Blues and what happens when you mix hillbilly with Motley Crue. Follow that with a Party!Super Party! And you can’t believe the fun that could be had.

Victoria bitches about Geico commercials, read about a wooly bridey and a strange Japanese restaurant centered around paying it forward. There’s football Game of the Week action and guess what happened? It wasn’t a hummer, that’s what it wasn’t! Gimme this, gimme that, call us or email us you know where to go. We just wanna hear from ya. Enjoy this episode in a flat 51 minutes.

154: Don’t Pee On Your Children

Sit down and relax with your favorite Oktoberfest beer. We enjoy the fares from Karl Strauss and Schmaltz Brewing. This week’s Game Of The Week was more exciting than it had any right to be and this week’s game involves Monday Night Football and an AFC East rivalry. We go shopping for my Halloween costume and we give all of you a challenge. The first one to correctly guess what my Halloween costume and either calls or emails us with the answer gets a prize. Also just in case you doubted, Texas is back y’all! We introduce the unknowing to a blog about Cake Wrecks. It’s classic and we love it. Victoria gives us some helpful advice and the title of our episode.

We have to ask though, what is it with foreigners and their obsession with Pop Tarts? We realize that poor Chicago was two O’s short of the Olympics. So did Rio de Janeiro but it’s the first time any city in South America has hosted so maybe that’s it. We touch a bit on the David Letterman thing and Victoria asks if she can have a threesome with me and a bizarro world version of myself. Victoria takes issue with farm animals teaching kids and I really start to doubt her sanity. Some annoying bitch decides she can’t help but sing along to Karaoke even when it’s not her song and she’s not on stage. Six women take offense. Who knew Stamford had a ghetto? We regretably do a bit of Canadian Whore News without the help of our dear Whorespondent, Rhian.

We ask our audience one last thing in this episode: What are you neurotic about? We discuss some of our own and what brings this all up. Uncast wouldn’t be complete without a list of some sort, so we give the Men’s Journal top five beer towns in the United States. Guess what city tops the list. We round out the episode with some of the things Victoria has learned from television and end the show soundly in about 1:05:29. Enjoy!

As always, contact us by email at uncast.net@gmail.com or give us a call at (619) 940-4SEX. We’d love to hear from ya!

153: Gimmy Midglets

Autumn is upon us and we start right off with a couple of very tasty pumpkin ales. We take Becky out to dinner for her birthday ad the girls try to get me to vomit fire. Team Drunk SoCal meets at Stone and we have a couple international visitors. Fried balls of mashed potatoes and beers make for a good time, especially when coupled with great people and conversation.

We discuss fans dressing up with costumes that have nothing to do with the teams names and owners who are perpetual losers. Inspector Gadget comes up and we try to figure out Dr. Claw and Daniel’s theory on the good guy trio of the series. That drives us to discuss evil geniuses and some of their motives. Victoria introduces us to another fun podcast that she found called WireTap. NPR fans will love it. We discuss a man who is looking for a woman he met who he is convinced must be the girl of his dreams. Have you seen her?

We end the episode with the most hungry home invasion robbery of the year, a call from listener Aaron, a comment from Lura and our thoughts on the top 10 banned books in 2008 even though it’s 2009. We’ll give you all this and more in and hour, 14 minutes and change.