149: The Reverse Sylvia Plath

Holy hell is it ever HOT in Southern California! So hot in fact, that there’s a 150,000 acre wildfire north of Los Angeles. We recorded this episode last weekend when it was a mere 105k. So we discuss that, some issues Victoria has with CNN Headlines, some strange things that dead people have left their loved ones (or not) and of course how could we leave out Chula Vista winning the Little League World Series! That’s right, Park View Little League, the Pride of Gregg Rogers Park in our hometown has taken home San Diego’s first title since the Gulls won the Taylor cup back in 2003.

Victoria reviews two completely different movies in “Ninja Cheerleaders” and “Bye Bye Birdie” and explains why both are supposedly so damn good or something. We briefly buzz over the new CD by Dennis Haskins and why he looks so much like a certain canuck I know. We go over a few comments from listeners and debate over the atmosphere in a sporting venue and just how much abuse an away team fan should expect from home fans. We ask you all to explain just why girls squeal, cry and faint at hot singers and why it is guys don’t.

To round out the last third of the show, we discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of apologizing to your lady, Victoria brings us another great Awesome List and we end it all off with the 15 biggest mistakes we make while drunk. It’s 74 minutes of cool crispness. Dive into it.

Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis Hakins A.K.A. “Mr. Belding”
Know The Do’s and Don’ts of Aplogizing To Your Lady
15 Most Common Mistakes People (We) Make When They (We) Are Drunk
“What Would Brian Boitano Make?” Baconpalooza Recipes

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