148: He Strokes His Staff And Quivers

Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us this week! We start right off with the news of Michael Jackson’s death being ruled a homicide. You know, so you can immediately tell when this was recorded and how long it takes for us to get a show out. Victoria realizes a few discrepancies in the multiculturalism of some recent movies. We ask you all a very simple question: what’s hotter? Werewolf sex or Vampire sex? This of course leads into talk of the VAMP dildo and why it’s not quite as great as one might think at first.

We are so proud that The DaH Theory was quoted in a People.com article but did they have to blow their “a-twitter” punwad on a story about the Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart sex tape? Victoria spends most of the rest of the episode going over some things she learned from TV including something about free sex from stewardesses on your birthday and bacon donuts with beer chocolate sauce.

As always we’ve got a few articles for you to ponder. First there are Ten Tips To Glamour a Man Into Thinking You’re Perfect and then what I think has to be one of the most racist websites from a major corporation that I’ve seen in some time. I thought segregation was over. Last of course, if we have Rhian as a guest, that means there’s some whore news!

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